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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the PERFORM model

This is an excerpt from the famous book, "The One Minute Manager Builds High-Performing Teams".

In The One Minute Manager Builds High-Performing Teams, the authors present seven characteristics of the PERFORM model, which highlights desired behaviors of an effective team.

Team members are clear about what the team's work is and why it is important.

Members are confident about the team's ability to overcome obstacles and to realize its vision.

Relationship and communication.
The team is committed to open communication, and members feel that they can state their opinions, thoughts and feelings without fear.

Members are flexible and perform different tasks and maintenance functions as needed.

Optimal productivity.
High-performing teams produce significant results, due to a commitment to high standards and quality results.

Recognition and appreciation.
Individual and team accomplishments are frequently recognized by the team leader -- as well as team members -- by celebrating milestones, accomplishments and events.

Members are enthusiastic about the team's work, and each person feels pride in being a team member.

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